How To Self-Publish A Book

Online and service-based publishers are very similar to self-publishing, except you get to have experts do it for you and deal with the details. You may want to do it on your own, though. And instead of scrolling through endless articles and watching interminable videos trying to find someone to JUST TELL YOU HOW in straightforward, easy to follow steps, then hello. Welcome.

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3 Biggest Mistakes New Authors Make

As a publishing and book marketing firm, we at Authors Unite have seen it all. In our over three years of working with authors, we have identified the top three mistakes first time authors make, and we are sharing it with you so you can be prepared. Forewarned is forearmed! It is always best to be able to learn from other people’s mistakes so that you can go out and make brand new ones instead of repeating ours.

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8 Top Tools and Apps for Writers!

Whether you are a new or seasoned writer, it can be confusing trying to figure out what apps and tools are the best ones to help you write your best work. You have probably heard of some or even all of these, but I wanted to bring them all together and discuss their pros and cons and information about each.

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10 Reasons You Should Become an Author Now!

There are a million reasons not to write a book. After all, between work and family and life, things get busy! It takes time to write a good book, and time is a hot commodity. But what are the top reasons why you should get moving and start writing? To put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, and turn on your creative side?

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Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

Approximately 60% of English-language books are produced through the “Big Five” traditional publishing houses. This means ALMOST HALF of all English-language books coming out are being published by indie houses or through self-publishing! Many authors ask which direction we think they should go, and the answer lies in what your goals are for your book.

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