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On the Right Path: A Letter to My Younger Self

On the Right Path: A Letter to My Younger Self


Dear My Younger Self,

You won’t have the white picket fence and the minivan when you grow up, but you will have two kids, two dogs, and an SUV that you put thousands of miles on in what will feel like a 24/7 taxi service. You will also have an incredible husband whom you met while on a group dinner-date at junior prom. You will both be there with someone else, but it won’t matter. You will know the moment you meet him, that you two will have something special together one day. This could’ve been your first clue that you are capable of manifesting whatever it is that your heart desires, but you won’t be ready to understand the Universe in that way yet. It’s okay. You are on the right path.

You will follow your passion to teach and you will be good at it. Your husband will thrive in business and you will live a very comfortable, ordinary life. You will build a beautiful home, you will travel, and you will create incredible memories. You are on the right path.

Your days, weeks, and months will all begin to run together. Your career will start to feel more like a job, rather than a passion. Daily routines will become so mundane and ritualistic that you won’t always remember your drive to work or your drive home. You will feel ordinary and you will become uneasy about this. Don’t worry. You are on the right path.

After your kids are raised and gone, a deeper feeling that something is truly missing in your life will become overwhelming. Your heart will feel a twinge that you won’t be able to explain. You know a bigger purpose is calling you and while you have no idea what it is, you won’t be able to ignore it. This is the awakening. You are on the right path.

A friend is going to share a cup of coffee with you that will forever change your life. It will allow you to sleep better than you have in years. You are going to try and blow that off to coincidence, but you won’t be able to. You’ll share the coffee with friends and family and they too will notice coincidences with how they sleep and feel. This coffee will be magical. It will free you and others from illness and ailments and financial challenges and will forever change your life and the lives of so many you will come in contact with. It will purposely align you into the lives of some of the very best people you will have ever met and it will feel beautifully right to you. You are on the right path.

Through love and personal development, enlightened ways to think will consume you, and you will begin to question everything you were ever taught about jobs, money, and life. What the majority, the ordinary, just accept as truth, you no longer can. You will become allergic to bosses, alarm clocks and time clocks. You encourage students to dream, but you are not dreaming; and that will feel very hypocritical. You won’t be able to live with that. You no longer find comfort in ordinary. You are on the right path.

You will take a giant leap of faith and you will completely walk away from ordinary. Your friends and most of your family will think you are crazy. This is their way of keeping you where you are, to keep themselves comfortable and ordinary. You are on the right path.


You will have small successes which turn into bigger successes. This will be your validation to keep going. You will begin to trust your own inner power more every day. Be warned, though: obstacles the size of boulders are about to come raining down on you. You are on the right path.

A rare illness will find your teenage daughter fighting for her life. You willpawn your big diamond ring to get yourself to an event that you know you need to be at. There, you will encounter many people who have time freedom and money freedom and once again you will be reminded that you want this for your life. You are on the right path.

Your car will blow up and you and your husband will be sharing a single vehicle for months that you are almost too embarrassed to drive. You are being humbled. You are on the right path.

You will tragically lose both of your beloved dogs within months of each other and your heart will be in a million pieces. You are on the right path. You will rescue two dogs and they will fill your heart up again and you will find a hidden passion for rescues. You are on the right path.

The economy will change, jobs will change and be lost. The steady income that you are accustomed to will vanish and you will, with heartache, walk away from that beautiful house. Counting pennies, you will eventually reach a level of broke that you’ve only read about. You are being humbled, grounded,tested. You are on the right path.

You will have friends and family who still believe in you, but others who don’t. You will be grateful for them all. Flawed and messy, you are on the right path.

Eventually you will manifest on an unbelievable level, a better career and more beautiful house than you thought was possible before. You will manifest those dreams and you will do big things in your life. You will earn big and you will give big because the size of those obstacles really were in direct proportion to the size of your dreams. And when you, all flawed and messy, fiercely took that leap of faith, the Universe lovingly caught you and placed you…on the right path.

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