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Small Steps Every Day

Small Steps Every Day


You can create any type of business as long as you have the drive to start, to learn and the patience to see it through.

You probably have at least a few reasons why you can’t do it right now. Let me dispel some of those doubts:

You don’t need experience.
The leaders in your space started off knowing nothing, too.

You don’t need funding.
Today businesses are cheaper to create than ever.

You don’t need connections.
You’ll find them along the way.

You don’t need more free time.
If you want this badly enough, you will find the time.

You don’t need a business partner.
Solopreneurs are more common than not.

There is no valid excuse.

The simple trick is

  1. Taking baby steps each day towards your goal, even if you don’t know what the right steps are for a month from now, or even for tomorrow. Just accomplish the first task that’s in front of you.
  2. Being patient. All good things take time. Every business was once just a day away from its big break.

In 2009, I wanted to start a blog and knew nothing about blogging, coding, eb design or internet marketing. So I googled “how to start a blog.” I bought a domain, selected a hosting package and slowly figured out how to use FTP to upload the WordPress files to my server. Over the next few months I taught myself HTML and CSS so that I could alter the look of my blog and add new features. I published just one article per week, and found my narrative voice along the way.

I did that for two years with no results. Most days I was ecstatic if 50 people came to the site. Instead of being discouraged, I took pride in the positive comments some of those 50 people per day were leaving after reading my articles. Meanwhile, I was honing my writing skills and learning more and more about how to make beautiful websites. I was having so much fun with the process that the results weren’t as important.

Then suddenly visits began to spike. I wrote one article titled “50 Life Secrets & Tips” that went viral and brought hundreds of thousands of people to my small blog. After another year, the site was pulling in 3 million pages per month on average. It had taken two years of small steps, but it was finally happening.

Here’s another example that really gets into the baby steps. In 2012, I wanted to try out using to create a side business. I had the idea of printing psychedelic patterns on clothing to appeal to the music festival crowd. As you may be able to guess, I had zero experience in fashion, manufacturing, e-commerce or crowdfunding.

Day 1: I don’t know how to start a clothing company, but I can contact artists around the internet and ask if they’re interested in printing their work on my shirts for 20% of revenue.

Day 5: I don’t know how to start a clothing company, but I can google “T-shirt photoshop mocks” and follow the instructions for how to create digital mockups using designs the artist have allowed me to use.

Day 10: I don’t know how to start a clothing company, but I can find owners of other clothing companies on Facebook and LinkedIn and ask for tips on finding manufacturers.

Day 30: I don’t know how to start a clothing company, but I can google “USA clothing printers” and request samples using the mockups I created.

Day 60: I don’t know how to start a clothing company, but I can create a simple Kickstarter video by recording video of my friends wearing plastic animal masks and my shirts while dancing around town. I don’t know how to video edit, but anyone can use iMovie.

Day 90: Apparently, I know how to start a clothing company. The crowdfunding campaign made 167% of its desired funding with 948 backers and over 1000 shirts sold to people around the world.

Disclaimer: Neither of those companies was easy to build. My simple outlines exclude the late nights, the stress, the confusion, the frustration and the doubt. Being an entrepreneur means consistently putting one more step forward even if you don’t know if it will land on solid ground. But it’s worth it. It’s the most exhilarating of adventures. So what are you waiting for? Take a baby step forward.

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