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Authors Unite Case Study 4

Authors Unite Case Study 4

“Hello there, my name is Jolie Dawn, and I am the best selling author of a book called Empowered, Sexy and Free. I’m also a business strategist and money mindset coach for ambitious female entrepreneurs. I want to share with you guys a little bit about my experience working with Tyler Wagner and why I would highly recommend it for your business and for your personal growth. I’ve invested a lot of money in my business and coaches and consultants and workshops and programs. And when I invested in Tyler, this is the single thing that made my business take off, becoming a bestseller, being on the top of the list of Spirituality. When my book launched, I was ahead of Tim Ferriss, and some totally amazing prolific writers. And it really put my name on the map. You know, I’m 27 years old and I wanted to go far fast in the coaching industry. So writing this book, becoming a bestseller, and having help with the launch was the single biggest game changer in my business. Now, I have a six figure business, I have a thriving coaching practice and, you know, working with Tyler was so amazing. I remember coming to him with just an idea and was like, I want to write a book, but it feels so far and you’ve written 2…like, how did you do it? Like, we’re a similar age like, how did you do this? And he just so believed in me and he validated my dreamss, and he made me believe it was possible. And then we put together an actual plan, a blueprint for the launch. And so I knew exactly what I was doing step by step leading up to the launch. And I had a plan and I felt held. I felt supported. He created a big goal. He’s like, I want to get us to number 1 Spirituality and I wasn’t sure if we could do that. I had the right marketing plan. I had the right strategy. I had the right systems in place. I just can’t thank you enough Tyler. I mean, it’s been an incredible, incredible journey and book launch. So, if you’re thinking about doing this to enhance your career, or just your personal development path, you should author a book. Holding your book in your hands for the first time feels amazing. I just ordered a box of books and I had 10 come in the mail was like, Oh my gosh, I love holding my book and I wrote it. Oh my gosh, you know, it’s just such a high level of accomplishment. And, there’s a lot of people out there that do coaching on books, but really Tyler’s the real deal. He’s got such a big heart. He really cares about people. So I would highly recommend his book process and you won’t regret it. Thanks for listening.”

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