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Authors Unite Case Study 2

Authors Unite Case Study 2

“I just want to say a huge thank you to Tyler and the team at Authors Unite. When I was putting my book out into the world, I knew that I wanted to work with a team who would pour love into it and would help me feel like I was giving it its best chance of reaching as many people as possible. The moment I got the message from Tyler telling me that we hit number 2 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list, I kind of just had this moment of like, we made a good decision. And, I’m so thrilled of the opportunities that have opened up for me and the messages I’m getting every day from people saying I read your book and it’s changing my life. I have felt so beautifully supported this whole way along. And I continue to be by Tyler and his team. Their support has been world class and I haven’t had a moment of regret in investing in this process. It was a big decision for us to embark on publishing my book this way. And I just want to say a huge thank you to Tyler and the team, you totally delivered. And the moments of joy and pride that I’ve found along this journey, have been feelings that I thought would take me 10 years before I would get to feel them. This is my first book. And it’s a best seller. And it’s changing the world. And I’m creating online programs around it. And I’m doing speaking around it. And, it’s a great book…but you can have the best book in the world and have nobody read it if you can’t get it out in front of people. And so I’m so grateful for this whole journey and I want to say an enormous enormous thank you.”

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