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How to Learn to Love Yourself and Do What You Love

How to Learn to Love Yourself and Do What You Love


In 2011, I was a stressed up working mom with two kids. I was never stopping to enjoying life. I was always on the run. I didn’t even listen to the pain in my body, and just took strong painkillers to get through the day. I had high shoulders and my blood pressure was sky high. I was so tired when I came home from work that I had to lay down. Sometime even had to go to sleep right after dinner, and wake up too put the kids to bed, and then collapsed in front of the TV.

This was the story before I fell on a patch of ice and hit my head really hard. I thought I was dying. So when I woke up I knew my life had to change.

After the fall I went to a rehabilitation center. They send me to several specialists. In 2013 they found out that I had developed fibromyalgia and fatigue as well. I got so sad and really depressed. I was in bed crying for a whole week after the diagnosis, and one morning I find out that this couldn’t be it. This was not how my life was going to be. I had a feeling that I had more to offer this world.

So I remembered that I had met an amazing coach in a conference in Oslo. So I contacted her, and she helped me to see the biggest piece of myself I’d been missing. At that time, I didn’t see any value in who I was, and I didn’t love myself at all. I understood that I had used my energy to help other people, at the expense of myself.

This coach said, “Heidi, you can use your story to help other people. But first you must love yourself.” After that meeting I knew exactly what I was going to do. I was going to be a coach, speaker and have my own business. But first, I had to learn to love myself.

I started to meditate and listen to myself and my body. I made a Facebook page called “Fra mitt hjerte til ditt hjerte,” which means in English “From my heart to your heart.” And then I searched to find out what kind of courses, training, networking, etc., that I needed for starting up my company from a place of self-love.

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I have had my business for two years now. And I am so glad that I took the chance to start for myself. Over that time, I’ve learned so much about how to love myself through my business.

The first thing I learned is that if you want to have success, you need to be yourself and trust yourself. You will meet people that think you are crazy, who have an opinion of how you should behave in your business. If you ask people, you will get as many different answers as the number of people you ask. If you want to do it from your heart, then you have to do what is best for you, not what any others might say you should do. It is also important to have a vision and goal in every aspect of your life. And then work toward your goal and have faith.

You also have to know who your dream client is. Remember you just need one client to start, and then you can build trust with that client.

I have learned that I can’t do everything myself. If it’s difficult for me to do, then I can outsource it. You can’t do this alone, so help people meet their goal as well. But when you ask for help, someone is going to help you. Join a mastermind or interview people that is better than you. Because by asking you grow. And it is always important to grow as a person and in your business.

Remember too, it is not about the money, it is about helping others and helping the world in the way that you can do. And have fun while doing it so it doesn’t feel like work. Find out if it gives you joy and happiness. If it is only hard work, then you have to see if you can do something differently in your business.

And of course, number one is to take care of yourself. Eat healthy, do some training and have a balance between work and home life. Because if you don’t take care of yourself, it’s not going to work. I meditate and do yoga every morning to get a good start. Then I’m more focused, concentrated and I get more creative at work.

When you work from your heart and live your love, everything will fall in place. So start by loving yourself, and the rest will follow.

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