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After the Age of 50, Your Life Experience Is Your Resume

After the Age of 50, Your Life Experience Is Your Resume


Women after 50, I have a question for you. Do you ever worry about being a “bag lady,” one of those older homeless women you see walking around with a shopping cart with all their belongings?

I’m serious. Sadly, many women have this worry. Even women with plenty of money to support themselves have it. Statistics will tell you that way too many women are unable to financially support themselves as they age. The chances of being a widow (like me) in your 60’s is very high.

Will you be able to not just get by but enjoy your golden years? I sure hope so. You deserve that. You earned that right.

Sadly, too many smart and savvy women struggle when it comes to financial side of their lives. What I want to offer is a solution, a way out of worrying you can’t support yourself and live a good life, a life with options.

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I am going to assume you have access to a computer and a phone.

Have you ever thought of working for yourself? Being an entrepreneur? No boss you have to ask to get time off to travel or spend time with your grandchildren?

You may think that starting a business takes a lot of money. And in many situations you are absolutely correct. But think about starting a coaching business? Clearly you need some money to start (to hire your own coach to guide you, a simple website, tech help if you need it) but you probably won’t have to go to your bank for a loan.

But money isn’t the biggest stumbling block for this kind of freedom. Know what is? It’s confidence in what you can do.

I talk to so many of you who think you have nothing to coach others around, you have nothing to offer, you have no skills. I want to say right now, you are totally wrong! Trust me, no one reaches your age without learning a lot of lessons along that way that you could help people navigate. Depending on your background and skills, you may not even need coaching school or training. You have lived plenty of decades to have had so many experiences, good and not so good, and you have lived through them. You probably even came out smelling like a rose!

Do you realize what a goldmine you are sitting on? You have so much to offer others. You have so many skills and life experiences to share. Please don’t think they are worthless or discard them as “no big deal.”

Did you raise a child who was very sick or had special needs? Are you divorced or a widow? Have you been a part of a stepfamily? Have you cared for an elderly parent? Are you wonderful about taking care of yourself and into health and wellness? Are you a sewer, knitter, quilter etc.? The list goes on and on! You have skills! You have talents! You have experiences!

Why keep them to yourself? Of course, you could volunteer in many situations, but what about taking your skills, talents and experiences and making some money? Have you ever thought about that? This is not a job, this is you being an entrepreneur and being self-employed.

Let’s say you do decide to start a coaching business, with the skills you already have. Think of this, you get to work from home, you have the privilege of working your life around your business, (you have earned this!), you can play tennis in the afternoon, walk your dogs whenever you want. Nobody telling you when to start work, take lunch or end your day. And you can work from home in your jammies!

In all seriousness, you do need a computer and phone. And in my mind you probably need your own coach to guide you in the right direction. And I want to be honest and straightforward with you that starting and sustaining your own business is not a cake walk. You can’t just “hang your shingle” and expert people to be rushing to hire you and paying you big bucks.

You do need to be willing to work hard, be invested in your business, be patient and take the time it takes to get started. You also need to be independent but open to working with others. No one builds a successful business in a vacuum.

But it is absolutely possible for you, and in the end it is so darn worth it!

I have been working for myself since 1987 when my 2nd daughter was born. I could work my schedule around their schedules. They are grown and on their own now but I can travel when I want for however long I want, my days are what I choose them to be. I can walk the dogs or go to the gym anytime I chose.

Does it take work? Sure. Anything worth doing takes work, but to me, it’s so totally worth it. No one can tell me I have to retire either. I can work as many hours as I want to any age I want. That to me is freedom. And you can do this too!

What a huge benefit this is for women “after” 50. This is a time that you can take your employability back—on your own terms. Did you realize that this was even possible? I promise you, it is.

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