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Strength: The Seed of Greatness

Strength: The Seed of Greatness


“All done” the tattoo artist said proudly. I looked at my wrist and there it was, a reminder for the rest of my life.
“Dig deep! You feel like quitting?! Good, that’s just the start!” yelled my drill instructor at Marine Corps boot camp.
“23 units in one semester?! I mean, it’s not recommended but I certainly can’t stop you,” my guidance counselor exclaimed as I discussed my plan to earn two bachelor’s degrees in 3 years.

Whether physical, mental, or emotional, we’ve created limits for ourselves. We’ve taken our past experiences and decided, at some point, that we were only capable of so much. The problem? Well, more often than not, the limits we’ve set are actually just a fraction of our true potential.

What if you were capable of more? What if you pushed beyond your selfimposed limits and realized that you were capable of greatness?

From one extra repetition at the gym when you feel like quitting, to one extra minute finding stillness in your morning meditation when your mind won’t slow down, this particular quality may just be the single biggest predictor of future success.

Strength. A commitment to pushing beyond our “limits” and doing our best in every moment.

Strength comes in many forms. Sometimes, we cultivate external strength by embodying full-body wellness, a combination of proper nutrition and effective training. We provide our bodies with the right foods and place enough external resistance in exercise so it grows stronger. In other instances, we cultivate internal strength by navigating a challenging situation in life with grace and ease. We embrace challenges and shift our perspective to see them as opportunities to grow. Other times still, we walk an unfamiliar path pursuing our passions and figuring out how to create the impact we know we’re capable of in this lifetime.

In all of the examples, exploring beyond comfort zones is happening and that, interestingly enough, is where the magic happens.

comfort zone

Strength to me is a state of mind. It’s about getting comfortable being uncomfortable, knowing it’s not always easy but certainly always worth it.

This perspective turns life into an adventure! We become the heroes of our story. No need for perfection, no need for judgment or comparison. We begin to explore personal edges in every area of our lives. We push past physical boundaries in the gym or the yoga studio. We push past mental boundaries, intuitively listening to and bringing awareness to self-limiting beliefs we’ve created and slowly break them down. We push beyond emotional boundaries, cultivating compassion and losing ourselves in the service of others.

Just as a tiny seed planted in the ground has the potential to become a massive oak tree, so we have the potential to become the greatest version of ourselves, if only coupled with the strength to actualize this potential.

“Strength” is tattooed on my wrist as a reminder and commitment. I hope the words above act as a reminder for you to live with strength, inside and out.

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