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How Loving What You Do and Doing What You Love Leads to Fulfillment and Success

How Loving What You Do and Doing What You Love Leads to Fulfillment and Success


Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

How true this statement is! We all have dreams and wishes which we would like to see fulfilled someday. But when we say “someday,” what we actually saying is “not now, later.” We’re choosing to put it off right now because we have other more important things to do, or because the goal seems so out of our league that we get scared. But what if later never comes? How about making “someday” today?

Only a few years ago, I was exactly at that point. I thought I had found the job I always wanted to have, the job I was really good at and enjoyed. In reality I was stressed out, overworked and underpaid. And suddenly I couldn’t get this thought out of my head: is this it? Is this how it’s going to be for the rest of my life? I had a newborn who I didn’t see for most of the day because I was working so much. During the day I felt guilty for not being with her and at home I felt guilty for not doing the preparation for the classes that needed to be done. A vicious cycle.

Then one day during my holidays I made the decision that I wanted to leave all this stress and start working for myself. I already knew that this path wasn’t going to be a sprint, it’s a marathon and I’m still running it! But I wanted to love what I do and not just be okay with it.

loving what you do and doing what you love

Loving what you do for me means the freedom to not only choose what to do but also how to do it. It means not dreading Mondays or counting the days until the next weekend. It feels exciting, like your best hobby, something you look forward to and would also enjoy as much if you didn’t get paid for it. If you’re not sure what this could be, think of things you loved doing as a child and see if you’d still enjoy them. Think of your hobbies and activities you do and enjoy on a Sunday. Is there anything that gets you excited and could be turned into your work? If you had total freedom what would you choose to do? How would you spend your time? This may give you a starting point.

I learned that like any goal you set for yourself it’s as much about the journey as it’s about crossing the finish line. True fulfillment comes from practice. It’s practice that will bring you success and trial and error is part of it, but it actually requires errors, failures and setbacks! It’s unavoidable and shouldn’t scare you.

As for my own goals, I love learning languages and immerse myself into new cultures and experiences. The beauty that comes with experiencing a new country sometimes becomes a little difficult to fully enjoy without the local language. I have lived and worked as an expat myself in several different countries (and counting) but my own language learning journey has been a roller-coaster. When I look at myself now, I fully embrace my own passion of languages and this is what I now share with the world. I decided to not only pass on my experience but also to help other people learn German and deal with all the situations expat life throws at you. There is something about speaking the local language of the place you call home well enough to leave the tourist line and fully step into the expat adventure, that makes the whole experience totally worthwhile, even if it’s only for a set period of time. This is how I found what I love.

So embrace the challenge and experience of learning what you love, because it is something you’ll keep and treasure for your lifetime. Because the best things in life are the people you love, the places you’ve seen, and the memories you’ve made along the way. The investment is a truly rewarding experience.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life
Unknown, often attributed to Confucius

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