You are currently viewing The 9 Undeniable Ways On How To Make Money Online For Free

The 9 Undeniable Ways On How To Make Money Online For Free

The 9 Undeniable Ways On How To Make Money Online For Free


I’m starting with LinkedIn because it’s my favorite. Every person I know is not utilizing LinkedIn to its fullest potential. There are so many angles with social media that most don’t see. With LinkedIn, the biggest one is this…


I want you to take some time and think about people or companies that offer complimentary services as you. This is the best option on how to make money online for free. Seriously, this doesn’t cost you a nickel.

The best way for me to explain this is speaking about my own company – I built the entire company on partnerships. I realized that book publishers, ghostwriters, editors, marketing agencies, and PR agencies are perfect partners for us. They deliver services that compliment the services we deliver.

This means that they can refer their clients to us and we can refer our clients to them.

After I realized this, I went to LinkedIn and typed in these job titles to find that there are millions of people on LinkedIn that do this type of work.

Then I hired a virtual assistant company to message dozens of them every day. One day per week I login and write all the responses. Every week there are hundreds of responses. All of these people are potential referral partners for my business.

I send them a link to schedule a call so we can learn more about each other to see if it would be a good partnership. For years now, I’ve been doing 20-50 potential partnerships calls per week. The entire process is outlined here:

I now have thousands of partners and I wake up everyday to referrals.

This is how to make money online for free. This is how to make money online from home. And, this is how you make money online fast.

Also, realize how scalable this is. Once you get it down, you can hire salespeople to do the same thing. Imagine having thousands of referrals partners. Now, imagine having millions of referral partners.

Think long term and build partnerships. It takes time, but it’s worth it.


Obviously you can do Facebook ads, but that’s not what this post is about. This post is on how to make money online for free.

Remember the partnership concept from LinkedIn? We’re going to apply the same concept here.

I want you to search for Facebook groups that have your target customer within them.

Join as many of them as you can.

Once joined, I want you to reach out to the admin of the group and build a relationship with them.

How do you do this?

Here’s a script:

“Hey (Name),

I noticed we both work with (your target customer – for me it’s “authors”). I think there might be ways we can collaborate.

(Your name)”

That’s it. Leave it open ended. It builds curiosity. They will respond. When they do, you need to suggest that you both hop on a short introduction call to discover ways you can collaborate. Most will say yes. A few will say no. That’s fine.

Once the relationship is built there are so many opportunities. Imagine that Facebook group has thousands of members. You and the admin do a free training for the group that delivers remarkable value and then you can present your offer.

Imagine if you had relationships with hundreds of Facebook group admins that each have thousands of people in their group.


Remember that partnership concept from LinkedIn again? Great. We’re going to apply it again here. As I’m sure you’ve heard, it all goes down in the DM’s (this is a joke, but also true).

Simply find people on Instagram that offer complimentary services as you. Reach out to them via direct message with the same script mentioned in the Facebook segment of this post. You can do dozens of reach outs per day.

Are you starting to realize the true power of this? It’s insane. Imagine reaching dozens of potential partners per day on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. In total, we’re talking about 100+ per day!

In time, you will have thousands of referral partners. It’s inevitable. The beautiful thing is that these people will become your friends. Imagine having thousands of friends referring you business.


Search engine optimization. The best guy to learn this from is Neil Patel. Imagine your articles reaching the top of google for specific keywords. Thousands of people organically finding your website.

This takes time, but it’s worth it. Put in the time now so you don’t have to later.

Write or hire people to create amazing content for your site that is search engine optimized. It’s very important that your site is built correctly and that your content is optimized correctly.

SEO is the gift that keeps on giving. Just like partnerships.


Write books. Takes time, but it’s free. Book marketing is all about word of mouth. If you write a book that is remarkable and get it in front of enough people word of mouth will take over.

How do you write a remarkable book?

It’s all about stories. The stories within the book have to be so profound that people want to tell their friends about it. You have to be raw and put your all into it.

How do you get it in front of enough people?

The partnership concept comes back into play here. You can also give away tons of PDF copies for free. Don’t worry about giving copies way for free. Remember the goal is to get A TON of people to read it and then tell their friends about it so they buy it. Also, most people don’t enjoy reading PDF’s so if they like the first few chapters, they will probably opt to buy it in a different format.

You can also hire us at if you prefer to have us handle the marketing for you. This post is on how to make money online for free so I won’t get into that here.


Get in the media. This includes blogs, podcasts, radio and television.

How do you do this for free? By building relationships with columnists, podcast hosts, radio hosts, and producers.

This is how to make money online for free.

Please consider that you are also doing them a favor. You are doing them a favor because you are providing content for them. They need good content.
Yes, they are having you on their show which is awesome for you. But, they are also having you on their show which is awesome for them and their audience.

Don’t be scared to reach out and build a longterm relationship with them where you continuously provide them and their audience incredible content.

Freelance Writing

There are tons of websites out there where you can offer freelance writing services. One of my friends crushes it with freelance writing. She makes $350,000 per year!

This cost her no money upfront either. She does it all on Fiverr. If you’d like to learn the exact process, you can do so here:

There are plenty of other sites you can offer freelance writing services as well.

Freelance writing is huge on how to make money online from home. There are millions of business owners that need good content for their website, but they don’t have time to write it.

Why? Because they are busy running their business.

One of the best ways on how to make money online fast is to learn the craft of writing. You can also offer editing and ghostwriting services for books once you get really good.

Ghostwriters charge $25k+ per book. Some charge $100k for each book!


Design is a big one as well. Most of us are too busy running our business to learn how to design online. Designing and branding goes into everything. Your website. Your book cover. Your social media pages.

If you figure out how to become a master designer online, you will be able to offer this to millions of online business owners. Fiverr is great place for this as well.

If you’re creative and design is calling your name, go all in on it.

Affiliate Marketing

Our last one. To be clear, you can do all of these on the list or just one. It’s really up to you. If you prefer not to create your own thing, affiliate marketing may be best for you.

You can simply go online and find products that are already crushing it and then sign up to be an affiliate partner for them.

When you’re an affiliate partner, you will get a custom affiliate link for that product or service. If people purchase from your link, then you get a % of the sale.

How do you get people to buy from your link?

You can use a lot of the methods in this blog post. You could write a blog post on your website about the product and use SEO to have it rank high on google.

You could build relationships with people that offer complimentary services and then when they pitch that product to their audience, they will use your link.

There are many ways. Now, take action.

This post is not only on how to make money online for beginners. It’s for people that have already made money online and are looking to grow as well.

You can do this. Even with no money to start with.

Put the time in now and build your online empire.

To your success,


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