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10 Reasons You Should Become an Author Now!

10 Reasons You Should Become an Author Now!

Have you ever thought about writing a book?

There are a million reasons not to write a book. After all, between work and family and life, things get busy!

It takes time to write a good book, and time is a hot commodity.

But what are the top reasons why you should get moving and start writing? To put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, and turn on your creative side?

At Authors Unite, we understand that writing an entire book can seem overwhelming or even impossible! We are here to help you see why and how writing a book of your own can change your business and your life.

We have helped hundreds of authors realize their dream of writing and publishing a book, and have learned a few things along the way.
Seeing authors succeed and reach heights they had only dreamed of is huge motivation!
Here are the top 10 reasons you should become an author now!

1. Authority and Credibility

When it comes to being an expert in your field, there is no better proof than having your name on the cover of a book. The effect of having been a published author in your field is immediate and complete: you are an authority.

Writing a book also gives you even more credibility, showing your expertise to the world and that you are a thought leader and innovator.

2. Financial Freedom

Everyone wants financial freedom, and we have all heard the advice to have multiple streams of income. You will start receiving royalties from your book sales immediately. As an online-published author, there is no advance to pay back or sales quotas to meet. As soon as your book sells, you will be reaping the rewards!

3. Speaking Engagements

Have you ever wanted to dive into the world of public speaking, but aren’t sure how? Having a book and being an author is a great way to show your expertise to conferences and organizations looking to book speakers.

When you reach out to conferences, they want to know that you are someone who knows what they are talking about, has a firm grasp of the subject matter, and can put together a presentation chock full of relevant and interesting material for their attendees. Your book is proof of being able to fulfill those needs.

Some of our authors have gone on to book speaking engagements around the world, even reaching six figures in payments from speaking engagements per year!

4. Business Growth

Growing and scaling any business can be difficult, but positioning yourself as an expert and a leader in the industry puts you in a position to leverage that for growth.

Whether you give your book away as a promotional item to interested investors or people find you and your company through reading your book, your book is a way for a brand new audience of people to find you and your company and invest in your success.

5. Confidence

Writing everything out and seeing your knowledge and hard work come together into a cohesive book is a huge confidence booster! Even more so when your book starts SELLING and doing great things for your reputation, your business, and opens you up to new prospects and opportunities you never thought possible.

Confidence is an amazing thing and having something like a book as physical proof of your experience is a fantastic way to improve self-esteem and continue to be seen as an expert in your field, thus upping your confidence – it is cyclical!

6. Personal Fulfillment

When you finish writing your first book, it can be the physical realization of a long-held dream. A piece of your passion and your soul down on paper for the first time. There is an immense feeling of satisfaction and personal fulfillment when you complete your first draft.

Learning about the publishing process, how to market your book, and working with editors, cover designers, and more is fun and interesting, but seeing your book come to life and holding it in your hands for the first time is so gratifying. It feels huge and amazing!

7. Marketing Tool

Just as with trying to grow your company, your book is a fantastic marketing tool. It is an easy way to prove you are a thought leader in your field and show off your expertise in the subject. As an author, you have a new tool in your arsenal for marketing and advertising your business and yourself.

Whether you are using it for promotional purposes, doing contests and giveaways, selling copies to readers, or using it as a sample of your work, you will have a higher amount of authority to potential clients when you are a published author.

8. Learn Clarity in Presenting Information

One thing writing a book really teaches you is how to put together and present information in a way that is both conducive to learning and also interesting to read. It is very different from every other medium, like radio, office presentations, short-form content like blogging, and giving speeches.

When writing an outline for your book, you are forced to truly examine what you want to write and teach, how to make it make sense for the readers, what information is most important, and in what order it makes the most sense.

This skill is especially important for people who are interested in getting into public speaking and having a cohesive, complete body of work to present in a way that is fun to learn and easy to digest.

9. Expand Your Audience

Writing a book allows you to reach millions of new people in a way you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do before. In the U.S., the average number of books people read per year is 12, which is amazing!

For people who are more interested in diving deep into a subject, reading books still remains a top way they learn. When you publish a book and pick keywords and phrases for searching purposes, you are expanding your audience before you do even a single dollar of advertising.

Once you start to do marketing and advertising for your book, you are expanding that number almost exponentially! Getting your book in front of interested people is key to reaching a whole new group of people and expanding your audience in a new and dynamic way.

10. Learn About Yourself as a Writer

One major thing people often find is that they really dig in and learn about themselves through the writing process. You find new ways to discuss your information, present it to people in a different and interesting style, and push yourself past the boundaries of shorter content.

Finding yourself as an author and a businessperson is gratifying and amazing and can open up new opportunities in the future!

Have you thought about writing a book? Join us at Authors Unite to learn more and find out all the ways we can help you make it happen, from book coaching and ghostwriting services to editing, book cover design, publishing, and marketing your book into becoming a best-seller!

Tyler Wagner is the founder of Authors Unite where he helps people write, publish, and market their first profitable book. He has helped people create passive income, become leaders in their field, start businesses from their books, and much more. Since starting Authors Unite, he has helped 250+ people become profitable, bestselling authors. He is also the bestselling author of Conference Crushing, a book designed to help business people and entrepreneurs maximize their ROI at networking events, conventions and conferences.

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