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Normally $997

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When I first started freelance writing, it took me about 45-minutes to 1-hour to write a 500-word blog with keywords, stats, etc.

Now, it takes me about 15 to 30-minutes. That was with 5-years of disciplined practice.

I believe in giving people “deals.” I offer a bulk package of blogs where if the client orders 4 blogs, the 4th one is free. It may seem like I am “losing out,” when in reality, I got them to spend $300 instead of $100.

Making it appear like a deal to people is something that piques their interest.

I am also a huge believer in add-ons. Providing someone with the ability to “get everything done in one place” is a game changer.

I Google a tentative title and see what comes up. If there’s virtually no information on Google for a particular topic, I will consider charging more given the research constraints.

This is why you should NEVER procrastinate (and always do your homework).

You have to understand that if you’re working with 100 people each month, the odds are, 5-10 of them will be totally unreasonable.

Refunds are inevitable. Make sure your pricing structure covers the orders you are going to have to refund. If the refunds are making it hard for you to make your rent, consider raising your prices so that it all evens out.

You are going to lose lower quality clients anytime you raise your rates, yes. However, I believe in doing it very gradually. That way, you can get the majority of clients to stick around as you climb up.

At the top, when you are charging double what you used to charge, having a smaller pool of buyers will even out in the revenue at the end of the day. Plus, you’ll have more time back to reinvest into your writing business.

I guess since I don’t consider this kind of business copywriting to be creative, it’s just another mundane task that I can churn out pretty easily throughout the day. If you remove your ego from the process, you won’t ever run into a “writer’s block.”

I do find the hard work can be exhausting at times. However, I’m here for the grind!

I provide you with my private email address where you can ask questions anytime you’d like. I answer all our member’s questions once per day.

The course is delivered in video and written format including action items after each module.

Yes. We have an action takers guarantee. We know that if you follow the course and put it into action you will get results. If you can show us that you made the actionable steps from the course and did not get any results, we’ll happily refund you in full.