How I generate 20-50 partnership calls per week, created 1,000+ partners, and receive referrals every day

What’s included in The B2B Accelerator?

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  • Part 1: The Overview - This part of the course will provide a concept overview. It will prove that this system works for any business…including yours. It will also provide an overview of how I’ve used it to scale my business.
  • Part 2: LinkedIn - Here, we show you how to use LinkedIn to find your partners. LinkedIn has over 660 million users. You’ll need to understand how to use LinkedIn’s search features to find the best partnership opportunities for you.
  • Part 3: Messaging - In this part of the course, we provide you with our exact messaging templates that we’ve tested and know convert. You won’t have to guess anymore when reaching out to your potential partners. Simply use the same exact messaging as us and watch your calendar fill up.
  • Part 4: Scheduling & Retargeting - This is ninja shit. We’re going to show you where you should place your schedule link and how to leverage your schedule link for retargeting opportunities. By using this method your potential partners will see multiple success stories from your clients before and after your call with them. This will keep you top of mind, forever.
  • Part 5: The Script - We provide you with our exact script for having the partnership conversations. This script has been tested and it works to create lifelong business partnerships. When this script is used correctly, you will create partners that refer you clients every chance they get.
  • Part 6: CRM and Following Up - For those that don’t know, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Here, we show you the CRM tool that we use + how we use it to stay in contact with all of our partners and potential clients. It’s hard to stay connected when you have hundreds - thousands of partners and potential clients in your pipeline. We show you how to automate the entire process so you can stay in close contact with everyone, no matter how many people are in your pipeline.
  • Part 7: Scaling - The B2B Accelerator works. It’s proven. Soon after taking this course and implementing it into your business, your schedule will be 100% booked. You can only do so many phone calls per week. This part of the course teaches you how to duplicate yourself so you can scale. You will never run out of potential partners. You will run out of time. The only way to scale is by duplicating yourself.

The B2B Accelerator

Normally $499

Only $49 for a limited time only

The B2B Accelerator includes 100% support from my team and I. If you have a question, we’ll answer it in timely fashion.

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