Frequently Asked Questions about TikTok

I’m 45 (or 61, or 21). Aren't I too old for TikTok?

You’re the perfect age! There are 81 year olds killin’ it on TikTok, such as @omsteve, with 1 million+ followers! Like most social, it started out young with most users in USA about 9-14 years old, but in the past 6 months it has become a new haven for adults aged 21-90 who want something fresh and exciting with social media. This trend happened the same way with MySpace, Facebook, and Instagram. Catch the wave while it’s still early. Welcome to Tiktok.

My parents aren’t sure if I should take the course. What do I tell them?

You can make TikToks with your parents. Just make sure they purchase your course for you and you have their permission. Tell them our course is a fraction the cost of dance lessons, or art camp, but will give you the opportunity to prosper as an artist or entertainer if you choose to do so, and build a following that can be used to impress colleges and auditions. More and more, having an online presence is essential for any business, so building it while you’re young will help with all you do to spread your amazing vibes with planet Earth.

My business isn’t creative at all. I’m a restaurant / engineer / doctor / architect / landscaper / trucking company / psychologist, etc is TikTok right for me?

Yes! Its perfect for you. There are 1/2 billion users worldwide. TikTok will allow you to magnetize your audience for free, unlike paid ads elsewhere.

My business is local. Why would I want a worldwide following?

Lets say you are a San Francisco realtor. You want to get more customers locally to view and purchase your properties. TikTok has a unique ability to attract the content and audience that you like, as #hashtags are still very much a real thing. You can learn to become a prominent account when people search for #sfrealty #sanfranciscorealtor etc. Tyler, Co-owner of Hype Course in just two month went from anonymous to have the #1 and #3 most popular #miami posts.  There is incredible potential right now to carve our your niche, even if your main focus is quite local. Also, people travel. Having extra attention for your brand from outside of your region can only help keep your business robust.

Can I make money on TikTok?

Yes, by going live you can get gifts from your visitors (which is more common than you’d think) and attract paid sponsorships relevant to your brand. You can go Live streaming once you hit 1000 followers and our course can help you to get there and beyond. Also, once you have organic views you can promote any service or product you want for free to your targeted audience.

I’m a visual artist (painter, illustrator or designer). Can I use the course to sell my art?

Art and illustration are enormous on TikTok. It is by far the best social for painters and illustrators because video features prominently.

I don't like being on camera, especially video (and my voice being heard) is TikTok any use for me?

Yes! You have a few options.

1) You can learn to get comfortable (it’s easier than you think 🙂 After all, people see your face in real life all the time. There’s a small learning curve but once you get there it will be common to you.
2) Artists can opt to just show their hands or wear sunglasses or even a fun mask (like DJ Marshmelo). Anonymity is totally fine in that way, and can even add a realm of intrigue to your work. No need to apologize if having your face on camera just isn’t your thing.
3) Your work itself might be anonymous. Perhaps u show videogames or only architecture scenes for real estate, or detailed vintage cars. No face needed. You’re good to go.

I can't dance or lipsync. Why would I want TikTok?

Yes it used to be essential on but TikTok is a far more dynamic app now – featuring psychologists, to painters, to live science experiments. The TikTok world is your oyster. Think big and carve your niche as now is the time. Any technology, especially social media, has a time frame or a wave that emerges. The quicker you can learn to surf that wave, the more benefits to you and the world.

I'm afraid of being judged. How would I handle a large following?

We talk about fails and even how to deal with “haters” just for this reason. Our process helps foster a world community of Kindness and self love! You can learn to turn naysayers into your biggest supporters and laugh about judgments. Your dreams and destiny are too important to let any fears get in your way. Our course is here to help you on your path.

It's too mainstream! This Tiktok trend is lame. Everyone's doing it! I'm a rebel, baby! Why conform?

Great! Haha. You might be perfect for Tiktok. This ain’t Facebook. You are a trendsetter. You’re an original thinker. You are unique. That is exactly who Tiktok celebrates and needs. The truth is, “average” people don’t tend to blow up on Tiktok. Weirdos, rebels, artists and leaders do. Even as many people flock to Tiktok, many of them are just watching Tiktok, hesitant to actually create content and make the leap–that’s to your benefit. Eric Howl spent years on Instagram and Soundcloud pumping out content with very little proportionate attention in return, and those platforms actually charged for attention. Then, within a few months on Tiktok he was suddenly pumping out independent, wildly creative music and videos, and getting paid from supporters around the world for going Live. Not to mention getting Brand sponsors and millions of real views from people who appreciate rebellious trendsetters.

This sounds too slow for me. I want fast money and fast results. Why would I want to take Hype Course?

We understand that feeling. If you’re just in it to jump in and jump out, it may not be for you. But surfing the wave of Tiktok while it’s still emerging around the world, especially while there’s a huge influx of people at home and flocking to more social media, is actually all about quickness. The simple answer is that it’s a smart way to invest a little bit of energy now so that in just a couple of months you can have a platform to sell your services, art, or products. Also, slow and steady wins the race 🙂 We hope to show you some tips on how to enjoy the daily process. If you invest just a little in yourself, lots of people (even our Co-owner Tyler Wagner who went from 200 to 200,000 followers in a couple of months with the course), you should see some of the fast results you want.

I'm not sure if I'm ready. Maybe I'll just wait to next year when Tiktok is more status quo like Twitter and Facebook?

To grow easily on any platform, here’s the secret: you would want to take Action while it’s still on the rise, aka now, and have fun with it by making a LOT of content. Why? Because in 6-12 months Tiktok will be overly flooded like the other big social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. In a couple of years there will be a new platform emerging and Hype Course will be sure to ride that way and share our same techniques modified for whatever that is called 🙂 But for now, that’s still Tiktok.

We’ve taken courses before too, and know how some make it sound like a false scarcity is there to scare you.  That’s not our style:) Were not about that, we really want to help you and see you succeed. Roll up your sleeves. It’s time to get busy and shake off the fluff.

Two years from now, when all this blows up and Tiktok is even bigger than Instagram (we think this will happen based on the explosive growth it’s seen) you will look back and say “I’m so glad i spent an extra 1/2 hr a day building my Tiktok – it really paid off.

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