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30-day money back guarantee

You don't have to decide now. Go through the entire course and put our techniques into action. If you put the course into action and don't get results, we'll happily refund you in full.

30-day money back guarantee

You dont have to decide now. Go through the entire course and put our techniques into action. If you put the course into action and don't get results, we'll happily refund you in full.​

Lessons Outline

INTRO (Interview with Tiktoker Eric Howl, and Tyler Wagner)
About 2 hours
  1. What is Tiktok and why is it so cool and effective?
  2. How did Eric Howl blow up on Tiktok?
  3. How can you grow your following fast and make more money?
I – How to Set up Tiktok
About 1 hour
  1. Get app & make account
  2. Profile add photo
  3. Profile done
  4. Video profile
  5. Go Pro & Setup Analytics
II – How to Make a Tiktok
About 1 hour
  1. Make a simple Tiktok
  2. Make by stitching clips
  3. Add text
  4. Why adding text works
  5. Find sounds
  6. Pick a stillshot
  7. Better Captions
III – Engage Your Audience
About 1/2 hour
  1. Replying to comments
  2. Replying to supporters
  3. How to Go Live
  4. How to Go Live – Example
IV – Make BETTER Tiktoks
About 1 1/2 hours
  1. Buddy System
  2. Using Text and Captions
  3. How to AB Test your vids
  4. Telling a Story
  5. Using Hot Topics
  6. Remake Your Best Part 1 and 2
  7. Learn a Tiktok dance quickly and easily
  8. Building suspense
  9. What is Clickbait and Trolling?
  10. Make better Clickbait
  11. Clickbait example
  12. How to use Analytics
  13. Collaborating
  14. How & When to Post
  15. Appear Dumb 🙂
  16. How to Repost the same content
V – Go Viral
About 1 hour
  1. Why Tiktoks go viral?
  2. REPEAT your successes
  3. Sample Viral Tiktoks
  4. How to Stitch Clips together Advanced. Part 1-3
  5. Analyze your Best. Part 1-2
  6. Find Trends
  7. Be Patient & Keep Posting
  8. Mindset – Visualize Success!!!!
  9. Post 10 Times Per Day
VI – How to Make Money
About 1/2 hour
  1. Go Live and get Gifts
  2. Getting Sponsors and How to charge
  3. Sell products or services
VII – Clean Up and Organize
About 15 min
  1. Make your Tiktoks private
  2. Time to take a Break & Refresh!
About 15 min
  1. Dealing with Fails
  2. What to do if you get a violation 🙂
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