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Authors Unite Case Study 7

Authors Unite Case Study 7

“Hi there, it’s Sarah Renee here, Founder and CEO of Sarah Renee Inc. I just wanted to shoot this as a thank you and as a testament to how awesome Tyler Wagner is and his team over at Authors Unite. I’ve worked with them twice now. One time on The Better Business Book – Volume 3, which was kind of my introduction to book publishing and being a part of a book and all of that and Tyler is just so patient. He answered all my questions that I had, he never, you know, made me feel like I was difficult or anything like that, and I really appreciated that about him and so I decided to hire him and Authors Unite to publish my first ever solo book, The Blessings Book. We launched this, and he and his team did the cover design and all of the formatting very quickly, and we hit number one bestseller on Amazon on launch day, which is so awesome. Just working with him was such a good experience. I wish that everyone would work with him. He explains everything. He really goes out of his way. He still is answering questions for me long after this. And so thank you, thank you. Thank you so much to Tyler and Authors Unite. I’m so happy. I’m for sure going to work with you in the future. I am so so grateful that I chose to publish my book with you and that you were a part of this. So, if you are on the fence about working with Authors Unite to publish your book, you know, I trusted a referral that I saw and got on a call with Tyler and we just really vibed together. And, so I would just suggest to just get on a call with him. You know, talk to him about your fears. He’s so easy to talk to. So easygoing and he doesn’t pressure at all. So, just get on a call with him. And, you know, I don’t think that you would ever regret working with him to publish your book. He’s awesome. So thank you so much again. I will talk to you soon Tyler. Bye.”

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