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Authors Unite Case Study

Authors Unite Case Study

So, here’s the question…How do you go from not even written one word to an Amazon bestseller and a Wall Street Journal best-selling author in less than 60 days?

The truth is…you need a team. Writing a book was hard enough. I had never done it before. The longest thing I’d ever written was an email…let alone publishing and marketing… who knows how to do that?

I knew a long time ago that if you want to go fast, you go alone. If you want to go far, you go together, but you go together with someone who has experience and I wanted to become a best seller. So many of my friends had tried writing books and it just didn’t go anywhere. They didn’t get anything done.

I teamed up with Authors Unite not because they were experienced, but because they had created 700+ Best Selling authors in the last five years. That’s over 11 per month. Sure, the process was tiresome, but they did it all for me. When I got stuck or got scared they would send me a link in a video and they would just walk me directly through it. They wanted me to focus on writing my book. The publishing and marketing… that was their job.

What I wish they would have told me was how crazy it would be once it hit. We’re only four days past when it hit and the marketing has been insane. So much so that the podcast requests, the interviews, the speaking requests, my coaching fees, everything is exploding because the demand is just insane and that’s what a best seller does for you. But if you just write an amazing book, we know it’s not enough. You need the marketing know-how behind it and you need the publishing know-how. I didn’t even know where to submit that.

Authors Unite did everything for me.

They held my hand, took me from beginning to end and where did that end up?

The Wall Street Journal. Number eight. Below Michelle Obama. Who does that? How did they get me on the list with Michelle Obama? This little book and me with Michelle Obama.

It’s crazy.

And, I wouldn’t have been able to do without Authors Unite. I would have been like everyone else, afraid and not getting good results and lost in mediocrity.

I didn’t want that.

I had a message I wanted to get out. I had my voice, my products, and my services that needed that catapult going forward. That’s the power of Best Seller, and that’s what they did for this.

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