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Master Your Mindpower By Stéphane And Shalee Schafeitel Hits Bestsellers’ List

Master Your Mindpower is Stéphane and Shalee Schafeitel’s debut book aimed at exposing to its readers the very principles and strategies that have helped them to assist thousands of their clients to go through their coaching program. This amazing book serves as a guide for individuals who are willing to take charge of their lives and strengthen their inner resilience. Master Your Mindpower has assisted people in maximizing their clarity, mental toughness, and success. It equips its readers with the tools necessary to be able to resolve mental and emotional barriers, increase mental and emotional resilience, and implement new strategies for success. This book helps in the development of focus, mental clarity, mental toughness, emotional resilience, productivity hacks, mindset reset, and many more.

Stéphane and Shalee Schafeitel, are the Co-founders of Success Training Co, which is an agency aimed at providing coaching exercise to entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, and individuals as a whole into becoming better versions of themselves, helping them remove the psychological barricades that are hindering them from reaching an expected potential. This coaching exercise has received a lot of positive and success stories from famous clients.

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A general review of the book has given a summary that it has an average of 4.8-star potential and is set to be an award-winning book based on the writing, publishing, and marketing scope. Master Your Mindpower is a must-read for not only entrepreneurs and leaders in view but also for well-meaning individuals who are ready to take a step into greatness.

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