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Authors Unite Case Study 9

Authors Unite Case Study 9

“Hey everybody. I’m David Hancock and this is Bobby Kipper. We’re the authors of Performance Driven Thinking, a challenging journey that will encourage you to embrace the greatest performance of your life. I wanted to give a quick shout out to Tyler Wagner, who this week helped us land number 5 on The Wall Street Journal and on the USA Today list. Absolutely, totally awesome.

It has been such a privilege to work with Tyler and his team, very professional guys, and delivered exactly what we had hoped and, of course, gave us the coaching that we needed, even though we’re authors and publishers, on how to actually market the book and gain the right attention in the short period of time that it takes to hit a major bestseller list.

Also, something pretty exciting about this book is this book was first published in 2014 so this book by some might be considered to be an old book, but the reality is, this is still relevant to Bobby and I now with what we’re doing on a daily basis. So, it’s all about bringing this current because it’s still current and relevant to us, which means our audience still thinks it is because we have proof. The Wall Street Journal bestseller list. Thank you for making it happen this week.”

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