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SQUIRCLE: A New Way to Think for a New World Landed on 4 Best Seller Lists

Authors Unite, a comprehensive book marketing and publishing team that helps authors around the world secure the exposure they deserve for their novels, guides, and self-help written products, just secured 4 four times Best Seller status (WSJ, USA Today, Amazon, and Barnes&Noble) in Nonfiction E-book for Francis P.Cholle’s SQUIRCLE: A New Way to Think for a New World.

SQUIRCLE is a thought-changing and relevant read about the imperative need for a new way of thinking in a world in crisis. Through research and cognitive science, Cholle shows us how intuition and deep inner knowing (CIRCLE) can lead the way forward, and when combined with reason and logic (SQUARE) – creates a synergy (SQUIRCLE) that will enable leaders to move toward more complex problem solving, adaptability, and ultimately a more sustainable future.

The SQUIRCLE™ method has been praised by global leaders in the fields of medicine, business, sports, education, entertainment and the arts, and has been tested by Cholle’s international clients for over 15 years, bringing transformation and improved decision-making globally to over 250,000 leaders including those at Davos World Economic Forum, Wharton, Columbia, Cal Tech, and corporate conferences at J. P. Morgan Chase, Estée Lauder, and Dannon, to name a few. 

“At a historical time when probably more than ever we need to rethink the way we think, SQUIRCLE offers a fresh sustainable path forward and a decisive business competitive advantage.” – Caroline Brown, Managing Director, New York Investment Firm Closed Loop Partners.

Likewise, Tyler Wagner, CEO of Authors Unite, who specializes in promoting best-selling authors, says: 

“Francis’s book has been aptly released at a time when more people than ever before want to know how they can utilize their deeper intelligence aka their intuition for better outcomes.” 

“Using carefully curated relationships that we have built over the years, as well as our trusted email list partners, and leveraging a cutting-edge public relations strategy, we were able to secure some of the highest book rankings ever for SQUIRCLE,” Wagner added.

SQUIRCLE: A New Way to Think for a New World just ranked #5 Best Selling Non-Fiction E-book on The Wall Street Journal, right behind Think Like a Monk: Train Your Mind and Purpose, as well as Disloyal: A Memoir .

“Nothing makes our team happier than to see our clients secure their dreams of hitting international best seller lists for their thought-provoking reads that deserve exposure,” said Wagner. “We work hard to create synergistic networks that benefit all of our authors. That’s the power of relationship marketing today.”

Here is the link to Francis P. Cholle’s book SQUIRCLE on Amazon.