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Authors Unite is a book marketing company that specializes in helping authors become bestsellers using digital marketing.

You will apply for any of the marketing campaigns above and you will fill out a very short application. You will book a call so we can approve your application and learn more about your book and discuss your campaign. Once everything looks good, we will begin our marketing campaign launch. We will let you know and congratulate you when your book becomes a bestseller!

Over the past 9 years, we have built partnerships with companies that have millions of subscribers in their email lists who are notified when a book in their preferred genre comes out at a discounted price. We make promotional content for your book and send out the emails to qualified subscribers to get the sales for your eBook. We also run paid advertisement campaigns for your book on various platforms. Naturally, the “better” your book is, the more sales you’ll get.

We have options for every budget, but we recommend a 7,500+ Dollar budget.

Our results vary for each book and their respective campaign. Below are the typical results of sales for our bestseller marketing campaigns:

  • Book Launch: 500–1,500 eBook copies.
  • Book Launch+: 1,500–3,000 eBook copies.
  • Full Distribution Launch: 7,000–20,000 eBook copies.

Authors Unite will talk to your teams to make sure your campaign with us can run smoothly.

You just need a completed book (or deadline of when your book will be finished) and your marketing budget.

We guarantee your success or we’ll give you a full refund.

Great question! Click on the “Apply Here” button to get started!

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Over the last 9 years, Authors Unite has launched 160+ USA Today
and Wall Street Journal bestsellers alongside 1,500+
Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestsellers.

After thousands of book launches, we have developed the dream team and
finely-tuned systems to be able to consistently help authors become bestsellers.

We are partnered with some of the biggest independent, hybrid, and
traditional publishers in the world.

We also work with thousands of literary agents, book coaches, ghostwriters,
editors, formatters, artists, designers, distributors, marketers, and publicists
to be able to do what we do.

We are fortunate enough to be able to work with amazing authors.
Take a look at their testimonials below:

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Success Stories

Carlie Maree

soul modes carlie maree

David Hancock

performance driven thinking david hancock

Steve Anderson

the bezos letters steve anderson

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Jessica Zimmerman

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sleeping with a stranger jessica zimmerman
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Ryan Gottfredson

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success mindsets ryan gottfredson
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Aimee Tariq

panic germs and the truth inside american mouths aimee tariq
panic germs and the truth inside american mouths aimee tariq
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Allex F. Maxwell

the system is unforgiving allen maxwell
the system is unforgiving allen maxwell
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Dan Henry

digital millionaire secrets dan henry
digital millionaire secrets dan henry
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Chris Meroff

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align chris meroff
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Dr. John Jaquish

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weight lifting is a waste of time john jaquish
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Howard Shore

the leader launchpad howard shore
the leader launchpad howard shore
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Francis P. Cholle

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squirce francis p cholle
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Stéphane Schafeitel

master your mind power stephane schafeitel
master your mind power stephane schafeitel

Grace Smith

Chris Kai

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TJ Anderson

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Jasper Ribbers

Jacqueline Pirtle

Steven Kotler

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Jay Doran

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