The Authority Book Business Growth Program

                Welcome to an amazing breakthrough in marketing, client generation and sales for Professional Service Providers. 

For the first time ever in one program you get to work with two Global leaders and their teams in Authority positioning and marketing, Book Publishing and Promotion, Lead Generation and Sales. 

This unique and fully integrated program is specifically designed to generate a constant flow of quality clients to you eager to work with you and your key personnel.  

This is a unique program that follows a formula that has been very successful at combining:

  • Authority Positioning and Client Attraction.
  • Branding and Lead Generation through Book Publishing and 
  • Client Conversion with the powerful F.L.O.W. Selling method.


Having a tool that works 24/7 generating leads and enquiries from every chapter, consistently delivers quality referrals and you having a brand-new sales process that has most prospects eager to buy without any pressure selling.

The purposes of the book are many

  • Let the readers who are ideally potential clients get to know the workings and personality of the business. 
  • Understand the unique systems and deliverables.
  • Meet the selected key personnel and the expertise that they bring to the business. 
    • Each of these will have a chapter highlighting a glimpse of them personally to humanize the company. They will briefly talk about the part they play in delivering the outcomes the people are looking for. 
  • In this world of AI and digital connection this will serve as a face and a PULSE for people to connect with and remotely form a relationship with. 
  • Forms a path to connect and buy. 
  • Increases the pride and loyalty of the employees. 

The Value of the Book to the Business

  • It creates a positioning tool that allows the company to briefly talk about their Authority Positioning and differences compared to others in their market in a manner perceived to be clear, compelling and less egotistical than traditional marketing. 
  • It shows a unique point of difference, innovation and leadership as no-one will have one of these. 
  • It will be a unique and powerful Lead Magnet for the company and individuals in the book. This can be used in traditional advertising and marketing to generate leads. 
  • It will be a very powerful REFERRAL and NETWORKING TOOL to be used by the professionals in the book and other team members. 
  • The book can open P.R. Opportunities including Podcast Interviews for the company owner and professionals in the book. 
  • The book will deliver significant added returns on existing marketing and multiple opportunities for free or very low-cost marketing.

The “Program”

It comes in several parts

  1. Initial Uncovering their unique authority positioning. 
  2. Creating their System /Blueprint 
  3. Identify and build the ‘flow’ from the book to client journey. 
  4. The Complete Book Writing Publishing and promotion Process to whatever level they/you decide to work with you. 
  5. Creating additional Collateral E.g. Videos etc. These can easily be done via an interview process. 
  6. Building the lead capture to call funnel for each contributor.

The Multi Author Business Authority Book Program

This unique program is divided into the 4 main parts as per the Blueprint.






This is where I will work one on one with the head of the organization and the key personnel to: 

  • Identify and create the Businesses Unique Authority Position.
  • (Optional) Create their Blueprint
  • Repeat the process with the individuals who will be writing a chapter. This will include their expertise and personality to go into the chapter.
  • Coach them on their video and how to connect with the audience.

This will then be passed on to your team to write the book and chapters.


Your team will take over from here to work with the individuals to get:

  • the chapters written,
  • videos recorded and edited. I can guide the first few however it is a simple process that can be best handled as a part of production.

The complete the rest of the processes to produce and upload the book.


Depending on what promotion package they take they will achieve Best Seller Status.

Lead Capture Funnels can be set up from each individual’s chapter.

I’m not sure what you do here however it will be a great opportunity to move into an additional market and service as an upsell.


You will see that I changed it from Persuade to Profit. This will be more than just sales training.

Funnel Flow Magic.

I will work with your team or their team to create the flow from the book to fast track their readers into revenue. I.e. how to boost the energy to create excited prospects.

F.L.O.W. Selling.

Depending on what sales support pack they take I will coach them or give access to training on how to dramatically increase conversion rates as a professional.

Increase Referrals.

I will also coach on how to use the book to increase referrals. Including giving proven non pushy scripts.


Many small business professionals Network to attract clients. I can also coach on how to be more effective to attract clients as well as collaboration opportunities.


You can easily call my parts the book end pieces.

At a basic set up my work would be approximately 1 month before the Book Process and 1 Month After or I know I can work with them while the book is being produced.

Fee Structure

As with your fee structure Amazon Best Seller is different to a WSJ Best Seller.

For me to simply give access to training with mini coaching v’s total inhouse sales training and me personally creating their blueprint is s significant difference in fees.

We should work out some basic and higher level programs for those who want them.

We can have flat fee + fee per person ( a 10 person book const more than a 5 person book.) Then optional Best seller and business growth options. 😊

I’ve set up our weekly time and look forward to next week.

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The Breakthrough AUTHORITY Marketing and Sales program for Progressive Professional Service Firms.

>Your Company is seen as THE Leader
>Your Principals are seen as The Authorities.
>Your Book generates clients.


Authors Seen On...

Who is this for?

  • If you are a Professional Service Provider firm such as Accountants, Advisors, Law Firms, Business Services, Health, Medical and Lifestyle with multiple Principals or several Key Personal then this is for you.
  • If you are in a crowded and very competitive market and are looking for an edge over your competitors.
  • If you are looking for a Client Generation tool that works for you 24/7

How it helps you grow your business.
This is a unique program that follows a formula that has been very successful at combining:

  • Authority Positioning and Client Attraction.
  • Branding and Lead Generation through Book Publishing and direct funnels from the book.
  • Client Conversion with the powerful F.L.O.W. Selling method. Your key personnel and team are taught scientifically proven techniques that convert quality clients in less time and no pressure selling.


This program has been built for you as a complete Business Growth Program that requires minimal disruption to your business yet will deliver on going results. You get:

  • Authority Positioning coaching for the Business and Key Personnel.
  • The complete book writing, publishing and promotions to the level of your choice.
  • Separate lead generation funnels from each chapter and
  • Sales training that will increase conversions,  referrals and networking results turning Readers into Revenue.

Steve when I first started working with you, we had 8 staff, we now have 21 and have gone from $5mi

l to 20mil in turnover.

My book has been in the top 20 for 3 years now.

I think about you guys often and how you have helped my business.

Kate Prior

Face2Face Recruitment

Steve, you have officially doubled our business and exceeded our comfortable capacity in just 6 months ….STOP…

The repositioning and new treatment packs added 20% immediately.

The business book took it to a whole new level.

Matt Maguire

Hip to Toe Podiatry

“Book has helped business go bananas”

Tripled Sales in 3 weeks

2 new referral partners who wouldn’t talk to us before

“I wasn’t ready for this “

Steve Thanks for your work in repositioning us. We wouldn’t be where we are without your guidance and innovative way of thinking

Thanks Matt and Marty

Meet the Creators/Founders?

Steve Brossman

Steve is a multi-Amazon Best Selling Author in Marketing and Sales and an in demand international consultant and coach.

His soon to be released F.L.O.W. Selling ‘How to create a stream of quality in a hurry to buy from you’ is already making waves in the sales results.

He has 20 years TV and Video experience including hosting his own TV Show on Ch 9 and has been an Executive Producer for Warner Bros.

He has created several 6 and 7 figure multi-national businesses of his own, including inventing and marketing an environmental product selling 4 million units into 26 Countries.

Steve has spoken in 15 countries and trained over 65,000 Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Business Owners to Stand out in their market and his signature Blueprint Conversion System helps clients deliver More Clients, Faster Sales with Less Stress.

Tyler Wagner

Business and Publishing legend.