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A publishing program done WITH you. Through video modules, live coaching calls, and expert training tools, you’ll achieve your dream of becoming a published author. Our 52 Mini Missions™ format enables you to control the process. Although we serve as your publisher, you keep 100% of the profits and you get your books at print cost. Author Academy Elite is the perfect choice for people with more time than money.

A publishing experience done FOR you. We help busy business owners create their own personal brand starting with a brilliant book. Through solid writing, intelligent publishing, and cutting-edge marketing we increase your credibility and authority. At Ethos Collective, our team loves leveraging books into 18 streams of income. We’ll turn your wisdom into wealth. Ethos Collective is the perfect choice for people with more money than time. 

You will apply for either program above and you will fill out a very short application. You will schedule a call so we can approve your application and learn more about your book and discuss your goals. Once everything looks good, we begin your project. After your book is published, we will help you become a bestseller!

We can and we will. If this is your goal then we highly recommend applying for Ethos Collective since we help you implement the learnings. Although it requires an investment, our track record and ROI makes this an excellent option, especially when your time is a precious commodity.

Over the last 9 years we’ve successfully worked with authors from nearly every genre. We serve clients from around the world, in a variety of time zones. Our authors range from children’s authors and fiction novelists to fitness professionals and financial thought leaders. We span from self-help to sci-fi and academic to acupuncture. Our mission is to leverage your book and turn it into 18 streams to increase your influence, impact, and income. (Please note: We do not publish erotica).

We make no income claims. Results vary for each author and book based upon their unique goals. Top Ethos Clients have earned 6 or 7 figures from their book sales and relevant income streams from their books. Other authors have simply wanted to publish their book as a legacy piece or personal project. 

Depending upon the budget, bestseller campaigns range from 500-20,000 guaranteed sales. We can focus upon a variety of bestseller lists including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and New York Times

We can be your team or we can work with your team to make sure your project runs smoothly.

Some clients come to us with finished books and some come with just an idea. Whatever stage you’re in, we can help.

We have options for every budget, but we recommend starting with a $7.5k budget. Payment plans are available.

This is the most important question. Igniting Souls Publishing Agency and Authors Unite have over 20 years combined in the book publishing and marketing industry, and thousands of book publishing and book marketing success stories. No other company has this much experience, success, and dedication to overdeliver to authors. We promise to sweep you off your feet!

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Over the last 9 years, we have launched 160+ USA Today
and Wall Street Journal bestsellers alongside 1,500+
Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestsellers.

After thousands of book launches, we have developed the dream team and
finely-tuned systems to be able to consistently help authors become bestsellers.

We are fortunate enough to be able to work with amazing authors.
Take a look at their testimonials below:

Best- Selling Author Justin Donald Agrees

Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan increased lead generation, adding millions of dollars in revenue to his company Strategic Coach.

Simplifier Multiplier Collaboration by Dan Sullivan book


  • Is known as the world’s #1 entrepreneurial coach.
  • Experienced a 10x of his influence, impact, and income.
  • Supercharged his other assets like his top-ranking podcasts and YouTube channel.
  • Disseminated his coaching principles across major industries worldwide.
  • Developed strategic collaborations with leaders in the financial, science, medical, and technology fields.
Rachel Pedersen

Rachel Pedersen launched her debut book in conjunction with her annual event for industry influencers.


  • Has increased her monthly reach to over 13 million people
  • Earned the reputation as one of the top social media consultants worldwide.
  • Has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Today, and US Weekly
  • Achieved viral status for multiple videos, posts, and articles.
  • Secured multiple top Fortune 500 clients.

Justin Donald built his entire business and brand around his bestselling book: The Lifestyle Investor©

The Lifestyle Investor by Justin Donald Book


  • Earned the title from Entrepreneur magazine as the “The investment world’s next Warren Buffet.
  • Master of low-risk cash flow investment principles centered on creating passive income.
  • Achieved viral status for multiple videos, posts, and articles.
  • Helps clients experience absolute freedom to live the life they truly desire.
  • Created a 7-figure buyer’s journey

Amy Landino leveraged her best-selling book to get on global stages.

Vlog Like a Boss by Amy Schmittauer Book


  • Was featured in Inc. Magazine in an article that highlighted her book and business.
  • Received and accepted foreign translation offers from Slovenia,  Turkey, China, Indonesia, and more.
  • Was contacted by Tony Robbins to teach his Business Mastery Clients.
  • Remained on the bestseller list for over a year.
  • Can now qualify clients effectively, discerning who are the best ones to work with.

Dean Fulks pre-sold over $50,000 in books before launch day.

Your Next 30 Days of Relationships by Dean Fulks Book


  • Increased his Kingdom influence with new believers.
  • Collaborated with people he never thought possible.
  • Had his eyes opened to new possibilities of ministry.
  • Solidified his purpose in what he’s doing.
  • Discovered a creative outlet to dream more than ever before.
  • Wrote two follow-up books, creating global life change.

Jim Edwards sold over 45,000 books earning over $1M in sales in 1st yr.


  • Was featured in the NY Times, Entrepreneur Magazine and countless other publications.
  • Became the Co-creator of Author Wizards and Funnel Scripts — the #1 push-button sales copywriting solution online.
  • Developed and sold multiple 7- and 8-figure products online.
  • Helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

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