How to master your interview?

You did it. Finally, the job you have always yearned for is almost possible. Finally, they called you for an interview! So better get your job done and get ready to master it! Your future employer is expecting something incredible from you and you better give him a reason to believe it! Just follow our tips and you will surely know how to master your interview!


First rule: looks also count. Preparation is the most important think. We know that. Your future employer is expecting someone well prepared, intelligent, smart, someone who does their homework flawlessly. And you will get to that. But do you know what is the first thing that pops up on their mind? How they feel about you. Your not-verbal language, your body language, your look…everything can be good or bad and give them a particular feeling in about 3-4 seconds. Only 4 seconds! So that is what you need to do.


  1. Smile and have a confident handshake. There is nothing more precious, because those two things will not happen again. You have just one shot. A good smile makes you more attractive, friendly and warm. Positive people are more hireable. Give a confident handshake: not too strong, you don’t want to be overly-macho and hurt your future employer; not too weak, or you will appear with no personality at all. Oh, and dress properly of course. But you already know that, right?
  2. Use proper body language during the entire interview. Sit after being asked, sit up straight in your chair with your feet firmly on the floor. Use your arms to point out your speech but also to make friendly, conversational gestures.
  3. Keep eye contact. Avoiding eye contact can give the impression that you are uncomfortable, that you are not well informed or that you are hiding something, maybe your lack of preparation.
  4. Talk. Not too much but don’t let the interview be a monologue or a one-way interrogation. If you answer properly, you smile but if you also make smart questions about the job position or about the company you long to work for your future employer will remember it! Because not only you are being confident and interesting but you will show them how much that job matters to you. In other words: you understand company’s value and you are grateful to it.
  5. Be yourself. Show energy and self-reliance but remember: they will be lucky to have you, but you have to show them why! So be sure about who you are, what you are capable of, what you care about, what are your interests, your hobbies and how they can be related to that particular job. Not only your preparation but also who you are will make the difference!
  6. After the interview. You are not done. Not yet. Thank your possible future employer for their time. And thank them even if you are not getting the job. Ask why you did not take it and how you can prepare better next time. Guess who they are going to  call whenever some job position will be available?